Downtown Blues Event

2nd Anniversary of DTB with The Wranglers

2nd Anniversary of DTB with The Wranglers
Dress Code - Blue

- 8pm - Conall: Arthurs Pub's house DJ
- 9pm - The Wranglers

There will be many surprises to celebrate Downtown Blues' Birthday!! Like a birthday cake, a performance, champagne even, and much more!! :) 

Know the band

The Wrangles

The Wranglers are Dublin's infamous Irish/American folk, blues and buck leppin' country act. Coming from a diverse musical background, they fuse together many different folk styles to create a high energy, fun-loving string band. Big harmonies, Sea Shanties, Irish ballads and old-timey bluegrass songs feature strongly in their set bringing the gritty spirit of folk music to life.

The Wranglers are Anthony Mannion, Luke Mercer and Michael Conefrey. This string band with Guitar, Dobro, Bass and three part bluegrass harmonies are both feared and loved, and not just for their troublesome wranglin' skills. They have moulded their multi-talented instrumental and vocal skills together to form a unique, dynamic, hard-driving sound. Seen live, this band is always remembered for their fun, young and energetic show.