Downtown Blues Event

3rd Anniversary of DTB - The Wranglers

3rd Anniversary of DTB - The Wranglers
It's Downtown Blues 3rd Anniversary so there will be more treats than usual:

- Cake and Champagne to celebrate!
- Awesome tunes from The Wranglers!
- Jack & Jill Blues dance competition with the amazing prize of two full Fair City Blues passes and a couple more surprises!
- And Andrew Miller, the photograph wizard, covering the entire thing

For this edition of Grainy Blues, The Wranglers will be playing for us. Dress up and get ready to have the best Grainy Blues of the year, 'cause it's going to be epic!

Know the band

The Wranglers

This string band with Guitar, Dobro, Bass and the three part bluegrass harmonies are both feared and loved, and not just for their troublesome wranglin' skills. They have moulded their multi-talented instrumental and vocal skills together to form an unique, dynamic, hard-driving sound. Also, don't miss DJ Yari.