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Slidin PK

Slidin PK
Sat, 03 September 2016 8:30pm Facebook event Arthur's Pub
28 Thomas St, Dublin 8
Downtown Blues will have a after-summer edition of Grainy Blues. This time, Slidin PK (aka Peter Wheelwright) will be bringing the blues to us!

Know the band

Slidin PK

Born into the reality of late 70’s Poland, PK (Piotr Kolodziejski) from the very beginning of his path, has searched for the sound of freedom – freedom from a marasmus and stagnation of the medium sized Polish city with major unemployment rate. Last two decades of comunism gave a background to his development and triggered a creative impulse. PK found this sound in the music from the beginning of XXc. Strongly influenced by West Coast Blues and Delta Mississippi Blues, PK reached for an acoustic guitar to learn a language of expression so common for pioneers of the blues music, such as Blind Boy Fuller, Robert Johnson or Blind Willie McTell. Later he has extended his insrumentarium with a resophonic guitar and 23 fret tenor banjo.

“Blues from 20’s of XXc is the form of music not created for an entertaining purpose – it was rather a relief from tough reality of a plantation- poverty and humiliation,a will to turn this reality into something good. In a way such was the reality of my youth, so I strongly identify myself with blues. Through the lyrics of Blind Boy Fuller or Big Bill Broonzy I could see my own world and it didn’t differ. This strength of simplicity, authenthic experiences of a simple man and huge load of emotion loaded into this complaint to the God – all these features make Blues the most truthful and inspiring music for me. Pure poetry of life.”

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