Konrad & Agnieszka - Blues Dance Workshop

Konrad & Agnieszka - Blues Dance Workshop

We are happy to announce that the amazing dancers and instructors Konrad & Agnieszka are coming to Dublin on the 4th and 5th November to teach the DTB community! 

We will have a total of 6.5h of classes for All Levels spread over Saturday and Sunday. It will be fun and challenging for all!

A Social Dancing Night will also take place on Saturday 4th November, this means you can practice your newly learned moves directly on the dance floor while dancing to the tunes of our DJs!

Online registration will open from Sunday 1st October at 9am and close on Tuesday 31th October at 11:30pm.

Registrations opening soon!

Workshop Class Descriptions:

During this workshop we will explore some exciting topics:

Funk Blues: This style is typically danced to funkier styles of blues music, and it’s characterised by a strong connection to the music and a playful, improvisational spirit. Learn basic elements, grooves, improvisation and dialog in partner dancing, fancy passes and shapes.

Spirit Moves: Add some theatre into your Blues! Don't make it all so serious! A lot of improvisation, styling to jazzy music and a lot of fun.

Jookin' Blues: Jookin’ Blues is connected to dancing that came out of juke joints in the southern United States. Jookin’ Blues is associated with smooth movements and an intimate connection between dance partners. Practice some unusual shapes, playing with rhythms and dialog between partners. How would you dance if the dance floor was small and compact?

... and more !

Workshop Levels:

This is an All Levels workshop but we would encourage you to attend at least 3 Bluesday Drop-in Classes prior to the workshop. 

Konrad & Agnieszka will be teaching new moves and styles so that both beginners & advanced dancers will get the most out of this workshop and enhance your Blues dancing.


* Schedule subject to confirmation

Saturday 4th November
10:45 - 13:00 -- Dancers arrive
13:00 - 14:45 -- Class 1
14:45 - 15:45 -- Break
15:45 - 17:30 -- Class 2

Social Dancing from 7pm until 10:30pm.

Sunday 5th November:
13:45 - 14:00 -- Dancers arrive
14:00 - 15:30 -- Class 1
15:30 - 16:00 -- Break
16:00 - 17:30 -- Class 2

After the workshop, join us at Arthur's Jazz & Blues Pub at 8pm for live music with Jawbone!


  • Solo Registration: €120

  • Couple Registration: €210

  • Only Social Dancing tickets will be available at the door at €10.

We aim to provide a good balance between the number of leads and follows. We would encourage signing up to a “Couple Registration” ticket to help keep the role ration as even as possible.  Please note, your registration to the workshop is complete once you receive a confirmation email directly from Downtown Blues, not just Eventbrite. 


Workshop Classes and Social will be held at The Fumbally Stables (Fumbally Ln, The Liberties, Dublin).


Private Classes

If you are interested in booking a private class with Konrad & Agnieszka, please contact them directly at

Know the teachers

Konrad & Agnieszka

Konrad and Agnieszka will be joining us from Gdynia, Poland. They first came to Dublin for Fair City Blues in 2018; we loved them then and had to bring them back! 

Konrad & Agnieszka started their teaching journey in 2015, when they built the blues and slow dance scene in Warsaw. Then they gradually spread the joy of blues and slow dancing to other Polish cities, e.g. Katowice and Gdynia, where they now teach on a daily basis. Soon after this they started teaching in other European countries (France, Spain, Lithuania, Belarus, UK, Ireland, Ukraine, Germany and Luxembourg) and running international festivals in Warsaw: Valentine’s Blues, Autumn Blues, The Blues Variety Weekend, Blues Essentials and Midnight at the Savoy. If you participated in international blues festivals (Drag the Blues, Amber Swing, ESBF, Bluesila, Fallin’ in Blues), you probably saw them either at a showcase, teaching or participating in competitions.

Konrad & Agnieszka believe that blues cannot be taught like many other dances – mostly by providing figures and repeating them. Blues dancing is an expression of music and feelings which are unique to each individual - just like in African dances. Since the core of blues is interpretation of music, blues is more about thinking rhythms and instruments, than steps. Every blues dance is different, just like the melodies are. Rhythm and melody, not only in your legs, but in your whole body, always create a unique story.

The result of solo or partnered dancing is a riddle – just like the results of dices being thrown.

In their approach, Konrad & Agnieszka try to cover all the diverse areas of blues: from blues as a dialogue with both leader and follower interchanging in leading, through clear and harmonic energy flow, musicality, interpretation, relaxation, working with breath, isolations, the history and types of blues, up to fancy moves. They try to encourage participants in their classes to explore new techniques and moves as if nobody was watching them and to play with the music and make fun of oneself while dancing.